• Doxo surpasses 3 million users

  • Posted on February 20, 2020
  • More than 10 years ago, the online bill pay service called doxo debuted. Called the first customer-centered, crowd-sourced bill pay solution that was entirely created around the consumer and his experience, doxo makes payments to debtors significantly easier. Consumers are able to rid themselves of the time consuming letter and stamp process or even multiple window tabs open at once. Now, they can use the 10-year-old doxo to conveniently and easily check this chore off the task list.

    Since its start in 2008, doxo has continually grown in use and popularity. It has gained financial investors -- Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners and Bezos Expeditions -- to assist its progress. It’s also boasts 45,000 unique billers who find doxo to be the best means for collecting payment from customers. Lastly, doxo has surpassed 3 million users to date; it’s pulled in new consumers consistently who find the simple, all-in-one service an asset to their everyday lives.

    In keeping with its commitment to the customer, doxo has heeded the warnings and comments of its users, updating the site consistently to offer the best in customer service, the best in payment management and the best in convenience for completing the job properly.

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